We solve your product data challenges with a customizable one-platform approach, using AI to enable Data Excellence.

Ingest & understand data

Regardless of the original data source and format, The LAYER enables customers to seamlessly ingest data into the platform without requiring additional manipulation. Our AI-driven data discovery ensures a comprehensive understanding of the data, after which it is efficiently clustered and categorised on the platform for enhanced accessibility and analysis.

AI Enrichment

Tagging & categorisation

Experience seamless product management with our AI-powered capability that effortlessly auto-tags product attributes by analyzing uploaded images or textual descriptions. Not only does it categorize products and attributes, but it also enhances data accuracy by identifying and enriching missing, unclear, false, or insufficient information, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate product profile.

AI Enrichment

Image moderation

Elevate your product catalog with our AI-driven Image Moderation feature, ensuring exceptional quality and visual excellence. From background cropping, identifying models and packshots, to removing watermarks and centering images, our technology guarantees a seamless, professional presentation for your products, enhancing the overall visual experience for your customers.

AI Enrichment

Titles and descriptions

Transform your product content effortlessly with our AI-powered capability, which not only analyzes and corrects typos and grammatical errors in titles and descriptions but also enriches content by adding supplementary information. Experience the next level of product presentation as our AI goes beyond correction, generating entirely new, improved descriptions for a comprehensive and polished product catalog.

Channel Management

Map data

Effortlessly manage your product distribution with our intuitive User Interface, empowering customers to assign and oversee products across various sales channels. Our platform includes seamless connectors to numerous marketplaces, commerce platforms, and individual integrations & streamlining the process.

Partner integrations

Effortlessly integrate your optimized commerce data into various platforms and marketplaces. Our integration platform ensures that your requirements are consistently met, making integrations a seamless and ongoing part of your journey rather than a one-time heavy workload investment. Streamline your operations and enhance efficiency with our robust integration solutions.

With On The Layer, technology and marketplace innovation converge. Unleash limitless potential for Brands and Retailers, setting the new standard for business excellence. Transform your operations, scale globally, and redefine the future of commerce.
“Transform your project timeline from months to weeks while maximising cost efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks, turning them into streamlined routine processes.”