Revolutionize Your Data:
AI-Powered Product DATA Enrichment platform for Omnichannel Merchants and Marketplaces

Product data - Holistic View

Go beyond image tagging and take a comprehensive approach to product data to increase sales

Product information consists of multiple components, each of which is important for educating and attracting customers to your products and helping them find products on the web and your website. This includes textual unstructured data like product descriptions, structured data like attributes, and media assets like images and videos.
All components of product information should work in unison and consistently communicate your brand values and information about your products to customers. The Layer applies the power of AI to enrich all aspects of product data and present it to your customers in the most relevant way.

Enrich & standardize  data from multiple suppliers

Use Artificial Intelligence to automatically discover and understand the format and taxonomy of  Product Feed from any Source in any format

Receiving inconsistent data from various suppliers is a significant challenge for merchants. The Layer's AI-powered Data Enrichment Platform simplifies this process, ensuring your product catalog is consistent and standardized. The Layer’s AI automatically identifies fields in incoming feeds and their meanings. It links related data, fills in missing or incomplete information, and aligns prices, SKUs, categories, and attributes with your site's requirements. AI adds extra attributes, utilizing both textual and image data to create rich and uniform product information. It also synchronizes colors, sizes, and dimensions.

sell through multiple channels

Get a competitive edge by allowing quick adaptation of your catalog to sell through multiple channels

Leveraging multiple channels enables businesses to grow, adapt, and thrive in a dynamic market environment. However, each channel has its unique requirements, category trees, and catalog taxonomies, posing significant challenges for product data preparation. A channel may require specific wording in product names, a fixed set of colors, conversion to different size formats, or prices in various currencies.
Use The Layer’s cost-effective solution to transform your product data to meet the specific requirements of each channel.

Tailored for Your Business

Your brand has a voice and a purpose. A generic AI cannot satisfy unique product data requirements for complex business.

Use The Layer’s proprietary technology to customize AI-based product enrichment tailored to your industry, brand, and channels.For each catalog in The Layer, customers can define product types and attributes, specify product name and description formats, set SKU number conventions, convert images, and apply country-specific size models and color schemes, among many other preferences.
Our platform leverages these custom requirements to create product information that uniquely fits each channel and brand, ensuring your product data is always optimized for maximum impact.

Automate Manual Workflows

Use The Layer’s “Magic Steps” to configure product data transformation workflows for each channel

The Layer utilizes flexible workflows to transform and enrich product data as it moves between source and destination catalogs. These workflows are built from “Magic Steps” that itemize products and their variants from incoming feeds, extract product data from images and CSV files, resolve conflicts, map raw data into required attributes, assign categories, improve images, rewrite descriptions, and create SKU numbers based on custom formats. Each step can be fine-tuned for optimal results, and additional steps can be added to meet specific customer requirements.

Empower Merchandising Team

The Layer’s UI is designed to achieve quick turnaround and maximum productivity when enriching thousands of products

Merchandisers need an efficient interface to review and revise results when processing thousands of products. To significantly enhance productivity, The Layer meticulously assesses the quality of each product data component—title, description, categories, images, attributes, and variants—providing detailed insights to aid merchants in making informed decisions.
Utilizing customer-defined rules, The Layer assigns a quality status to each product: Green for optimal, Yellow for needing review, and Red for requiring immediate attention. This grading system allows merchandisers to identify and prioritize products that need improvement quickly. This streamlined process allows merchandisers to efficiently review, revise, and approve product data, ultimately improving the quality and consistency of thousands of products.

Partner integrations

Effortlessly integrate your optimized commerce data into various platforms and marketplaces. Our integration platform ensures that your requirements are consistently met, making integrations a seamless and ongoing part of your journey rather than a one-time heavy workload investment. Streamline your operations and enhance efficiency with our robust integration solutions.

Channel Management

Map data

Effortlessly manage your product distribution with our intuitive User Interface, empowering customers to assign and oversee products across various sales channels. Our platform includes seamless connectors to numerous marketplaces, commerce platforms, and individual integrations & streamlining the process.

With On The Layer, technology and marketplace innovation converge. Unleash limitless potential for Brands and Retailers, setting the new standard for business excellence. Transform your operations, scale globally, and redefine the future of commerce.
“Transform your project timeline from months to weeks while maximising cost efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks, turning them into streamlined routine processes.”